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Bangladesh has witnessed a major growth in terms of real estate over the last few decades as Real Estate companies have increased in numbers and improved their quality of work with time. The capital, Dhaka city, now welcomes numerous premium residences for its citizens as the standard of living keeps increasing in the nation. Therefore, in this article, we shall look at some of the finest ongoing premium projects for residential purpose constructed in the city by some of the top real estate developers of the country.

(The list below represents no official ranking of real estate and is only for information purpose)

THE REGAL – Shanta Holdings Ltd.

BAY’S LYRA – Bay Developments Ltd

SUVASTU SHAPTARSHI – Suvastu Properties Ltd.

SHWAPNONEER – Shanta Holdings Ltd. 

FS VEGA – Rangs Properties Ltd.

SOUTH RIPPLE – South Breeze Housing Ltd


SUVASTU ANONDOLOK – Suvastu Properties Ltd.

ZEN – InnStar Limited

VENTURA NORTH STAR – Ventura Properties Ltd.  

Shanta Holdings Ltd – The Regal

The Regal

The Regal is a fine example of what gems Shanta Holdings Ltd. bring to this nation. It has been architected by Md. Rafiq Azam. The project stands on a ground spreading across an area of 31.94 kathas and is North South Oriented, facing the South side. There are a total of 24 units coming in sizes of 6100-6800 sft approximately. The building has 2 basements beneath it consisting of 102 car parking spaces. The amenities include a lavish double entry, a gorgeous reception lounge, a state-of0the-art gymnasium along with a billiard room, a heated swimming pool, a steam room and sauna. Further attractions expand to a furnished community hall and a children’s playground that includes a semi basketball court.

Bay’s Lyra

Set to arrive in 2023, Bay’s Lyra is an exquisite work of architecture by Bay Developments Ltd. The project is being constructed in Baridhara and consist of 8 units of apartments. Each of these units cover an area of approximately 4500 sft each. Bay’s Lyra is a fair faced building and includes planters in every floor to add a touch of nature throughout the project. The alluring amenities of this marvelous structure include spacious parking spaces for it residents, a grand reception and waiting lobby along with high speed elevators, designer interior and a rooftop swimming pool along with sitting areas and a green terrace. For safety measures, the building accommodates high security, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, fire safety measures and 100% electricity back up.

Bay Developments Ltd – Bay’s Lyra.jpg
Suvastu Properties Ltd – Suvastu Shaptarshi

Suvastu Shaptarshi

Suvastu Properties Ltd’s ongoing ecstasy Suvastu Shaptarshi stands with 13 residential floors above the ground floor and 2 levels of basement below. It consists a sum of 24 units of approximately 2900 sft each and 48 parking spaces in the basement. Suvastu Shaptarshi is being built on a land of 15 kathas, with Mohammad Foyez Ullah as the architect. It is in Plot 42/1, Road 7, Block H of Banani, Dhaka. Features and amenities in this project include a green children’s play area, a beautiful rooftop terrace with comfortable sitting arrangements, multi layered basements and a grand reception and waiting lounge. The building is fairfaced and equips updated firefighting systems, 24-hour CCTV surveillance and a fully loaded backup generator.


One more of Shanta Holding Ltd.’s ongoing projects is Shwapnoneer. Located in Bashundhara R/A, Shwapnoneer stands as 14 storied building with 48 apartment units. The land covers an area of 28.66 kathas and is North-South oriented. It was artitechted by Ar. Nahas Ahmed Khalil. There are 2 basements that provide a total of 96 car parking slots. The sizes of the units come in a range of 2663 sft to 3664 sft. The premium amenities in this real estate property include a modern-day gymnasium, a swimming pool in the roof terrace, a fully furnished party zone, a children’s playground, a prayer room, 4 high speed passenger elevators, a management office, fire safety and detection system and an elegant reception lobby with a premium double entry.

Shanta Holdings Ltd – Shwapnoneer
Rangs Properties Ltd – FS Vega

FS Vega

Located in 24/Ka, Road 1, Block K of Baridhara stands FS Vega, a magnificent bliss of a structure by Rangs Properties Limited. The project has been constructed on a land of 12.46 kathas and is expected to be handed over in 2022. It was designed by INSPACE Architects Limited. It is a fairfaced building with double glazed windows. Added features consist of a theater, a swimming pool, a rooftop community hall, a gymnasium in the ground floor and a central water purifying system. To provide residents with a safe and sound environment the project accommodates a full load electricity back up, mechanical ventilation in the second basement, VRF Type Air Conditioning and the Bangladesh National Building Code approved firefighting system.

South Ripple

A splendor being constructed in North Gulshan by South Breeze Housing Ltd. is the South Ripple, a lake side project. The land area is of 20 kathas and located in Plot 7, Road 50, North Gulshan, Dhaka. The project offers two variables of units, with the simplex being around 3660 sft and a duplex of around 7150 sft. The building is located very near to Gulshan Park, giving the residents a quick access for morning walks or children’s playing area. The ground floor includes a community hall, a well decorated lobby, lush greenery, water features and a swimming pool. There is an additional swimming pool exclusive to the duplex unit along with a private terrace. South Ripple has sufficient measures for security and firefighting.

South Breeze Housing Ltd – South Ripple
BTI – Three

Three – BTI

Building Technology and Ideas Ltd. (BTI) has their next big thing in the residential segment under process as Three keeps rising day by day. It is situated in Plot 3, Road 50, Gulshan, Dhaka and the land spreads around an area of 19.75 kathas. There are a total of 15 residential floors above the ground floor with a single unit in each floor. The apartments are of 7373 sft each. Beneath the ground floor lies two levels of basement for parking. Each unit has 5 bedrooms and over 5 bathrooms. The project from BTI’s Platinum collection includes charming amenities like a ravishing swimming pool along with a garden, fairfaced finishing, sufficient firefighting measures along with evacuation stairs, 24/7 security monitoring, a gorgeous reception hall and much more.

Suvastu Anondolok

Standing in the heart of Gulshan, Suvastu Anondolok is another work of art by Suvastu Properties Ltd. Constructed on an area of 15 kathas, Suvastu Anondolok has been designed by Architect Mohammad Foyez Ullah and is in Plot 15, Road 118, Block CES(B) of Gulshan 2, Dhaka. It is a 14 storied building with 2 levels of basement beneath it. There is a total of 24 units of apartments and 48 units of car parking. The ground floor consists of a grand double entry, a magnificent reception hall, a green children’s play area, a beautiful reflection pool and a driver’s waiting room. The second floor includes a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a well-furnished community hall and a barbecue terrace. The rooftop is a delightful spot for morning and evening walks along with sitting arrangements and plantations.

Suvastu Properties Ltd – Suvastu Anondolok
InnStar Limited – Zen


Zen by InnStarr Limited is set to arrive in December 2022. The residential marvel has been architected by Mustapha Khalid Palash and consists of 13 residential floors on top of a ground floor. It stands on Plot 19, Road 118, Gulshan 2, Dhaka over a land of 15 kathas. The rooftop plans include a modern-day gymnasium, a garden, and a community hall. There is a community space on the ground floor as well along with a premium reception area, a driver’s room, and a swimming pool. The project also consists of high-speed elevators, updated firefighting systems and security surveillance. The location of the building gives it a sense of exclusiveness and the residents will enjoy a calm and quiet environment.

Ventura North Star

Located on House 4A, Road 67, Gulshan is Ventura’s fine establishment, Ventura North Star. The project is set to be handed over in December 2021. It is a 12 storied structure with a single unit in each floor. The apartments come in a size of 3350 sft each consist of 4 bedrooms. The attractive features in this luxury include a lavish reception lounge, a grand swimming pool along with ancillary services, a multi-purpose community space, a fully equipped gym, and a private infinity pool exclusive to specific apartments. Ventura North Star also has a rooftop garden with barbecue facilities, 24/7 security surveillance and back up generator and necessary fire hazard protocols.

Ventura Properties Ltd – Ventura North Star

At the end of the day, the choice of residence will always come down to personal preference. With such developments in the real estate sector, all premium projects can not be limited to a list. Dhaka has several ongoing splendors at present, including the ones mentioned above. Hence, despite being a developing nation, we look forward to set an example of modern-day urbanization to the rest of the world.

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