Bangladesh is among the fastest paced nations around the globe in terms of development. While giant sectors like Agriculture and Readymade Garments along with other Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industries take the spotlight while seeking credit for the country’s growth, the real estate development sector has often had its vital role overshadowed. Real estate companies have increased the pace of urbanization and helped shape the new age infrastructure. These top real estate companies are not solely focused on constructing buildings and selling them to clients. Instead, in the modern era, real estate developers think of building customer relationships, taking ecofriendly approaches and participating in CSR activities as well. These companies also aid in building roads, bridges, cyclone shelters, landmarks, skyscrapers and much more. Even though the industry has become very saturated with hundreds of companies registered under the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh, only a handful cater to premium clients. With most of the population falling under the middle-class and lower-class segments, the focus of real estate developers lies on budget housing. Hence here is a brief look and some insights on ten top real estate companies in Bangladesh serving the premium segment. (The listing below does not represent any official ranking)

  1. Shanta Holdings Ltd.
  2. Bay Developments Ltd.
  3. South Breeze Housing (Pvt.) Ltd.
  4. Suvastu Properties Ltd.
  5. InnStar Limited
  6. Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (Bti)
  7. Rangs Properties Ltd.
  8. Assurance Developments Ltd.
  9. Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd.
  10. Navana Real Estate Ltd.
Top Real Estate Bd Shanta Holdings Ltd. Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Shanta Holdings Ltd. – Forum; Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Tejgaon

Shanta Holdings Ltd.

Shanta started its business venture in 1988. Later, the company shifted its direction towards real estate and formed Shanta Holdings Ltd. (SHL) in 2005. The company believes that construction is not only about building structures but rather an art. Hence they promise to turn lands into landmarks. SHL looks forward to maintaining a positive image among its clients, investors and employees. The list of SHL’s works of art include The Regal, Forum, Aura, Pinnacle, Splendid and many more located in different points in Dhaka. Shanta Holdings Ltd. stands in the list of members of REHAB. The company was the first to launch a 40 storied commercial tower in Dhaka city. While most companies in the industry focus on building projects, Shanta Holdings Ltd. expands its priorities to building relationships as well. The employees are very customer oriented and cater to every need the clients might have. It received awards like Superbrands Award in 2018-19 and the ESSAB Award.

Bay Developments Ltd.

Bay Developments Ltd. is a key contender among the top real estate companies of Bangladesh. They characterize their projects through innovative design solutions and planning. Bay Developments Ltd. states their mission as ‘Building Our Future Through’. All construction work is closely monitored and customers are invited for Early Design Involvement, giving them the luxury of personalization. Bay Developments Ltd. therefore serves a very high-profile client base which includes famous entities like Square, Huawei, IDLC etc. A few of their current projects can be seen around Dhaka city such as Bay’s Westlake, Bay’s Lyra, Bay’s Seleste, Bay’s Arvia and Bay’s Park Heights. Bay Developments Ltd. Bay Developments Ltd. is a member of REHAB. Bay Developments Ltd. has this Go Green approach to build a more sustainable environment. The company’s very own design team, InterStudio provides a comprehensive range of solutions to work towards this movement and save water, electricity, land and materials, ensuring the company’s operations are socially responsible.

Top Real Estate Bd - Bay Developments Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Bay Developments Ltd. – Bay’s Lyra; Baridhara
Top Real Estate Bd - South Breeze Housing Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
South Breeze Housing (Pvt.) Ltd. – South Majesty; Dhanmondi, ROAD 6

South Breeze Housing (Pvt.) Ltd.

Founded in mid 1990s by three brothers, South Breeze Housing Ltd. is a real estate development company that believes in integrity, hard work, value for people, creativity and an absolute commitment to quality. The founders were initially working in the shipping industry which was founded by their father, Mohammad Abdur Rouf Khan, a widely recognized merchant. The three brothers have then included the third generation of the family in the business and look forward to them as successors. The company highly encourages innovation and passion at work and believes itself to be the trendsetter in the industry. South Breeze’s creations of beauty include South Ripple, South Breeze Autograph, South Supreme and Ruby’s South Blue Water. South Breeze Housing (Pvt) Ltd is registered under the list of REHAB members.

Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu Properties Ltd. (SPL) is recognized as one of the top companies, if not the top real estate company in Bangladesh. The idea initiated from a small discussion taking place in the cafeteria grounds of BUET and found its way to implication in 1994 as Suvastu Properties Ltd started providing premium and innovative accommodation for its clients for both residential as well as commercial purposes. Since its formation, Suvastu has kept the clients satisfied, handing over 73 projects within the past quarter century which include a variety of residence, shops, and offices. In addition to that, Suvastu Properties Ltd. has 12 ongoing projects which will welcome residents in the foreseeable future. Among the current projects, Suvastu Rialto Tower and Suvastu Muskan Tower are fine standings for commercial usage while Suvastu Shahnawaz, Suvastu Shaptarshi and Suvastu Andondolok are elite choices for residence. They do not require constant maintenance and are very less likely to be affected by natural disasters like earthquakes or storms.

Top Real Estate Companies - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Suvastu Properties Ltd. – Suvastu Rialto Tower; Dhanmandi, Satmasjid Road
Top Real Estate Bd - InnStar Limited -Suvastu Properties Ltd.
InnStar Limited – M & S HOUSE; Plot: 2, Road: 11, Banani, Dhaka

InnStar Limited

InnStar Limited is a key player in the run for the top real estate companies in Bangladesh. The high-end real estate and construction firm visualize matters in a unique way due to their years of knowledge and wisdom. InnStar Limited concentrate on the design and base it on modern trends and methods. The company’s consistency in utilizing the proper set of resources has curved the operations towards high end final products. The company avoids standardized results and focuses on being distinctive and innovative. InnStar Limited highly appreciate and acknowledge the part played by the land owner(s) in the collaboration when constructing a project and hence their projects tend to have it own name, mnemonic and theme. InnStar Limited have come up with wonderful sites over their years of operations and are currently working on projects like Trade Intercontinental, M & S House, Metropolis 8, Trinity, Innvista and many more. The company is an official member of Rehab.

Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (Bti)

Established in 1984, Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (Bti) has pioneered in constructing marvelous projects. However, being among the top real estate companies in Bangladesh wasn’t always the case for Bti as it had to fight its way up the ladder through struggles and challenges. Initially operating with only their Classic Collection of apartments, the company launched the Premium collection after 2005. It believes that when clients receive their desired product, they are likely to spread a positive word of mouth wave. Bti’s vision of providing viable housing solutions to every segment of society is well backed by their mission of making home ownership a joyful experience. The company has set some core values which they strictly maintain throughout business operations. Bti caters to a range of customer profiles with its wide portfolio. While there are numerous ongoing projects, the spotlight currently lies on The Destination, Celestial Heights, Three, Rose Cottage and Park Panorama. Bti is a proud member of REHAB.

Top Real Estate Bd - Building Technology & Idea Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (Bti) – bti Landmark; Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka
Top Real Estate Bd - Rangs Properties Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Rangs Properties Ltd. – Babylonia; Tejgaon Link Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka

Rangs Properties Ltd.

Rangs Properties Ltd. claim to provide a blend of functional design, sustainability, innovation and avant architecture to bring excellence in every aspect of its projects. The company has been running for almost a quarter of a century now, completing a sum of over 200 projects and covering a land area of more than 25 million square feet. Rangs Properties Ltd’s catalogue includes Residential Apartments, Commercial Spaces and Interior Solutions. The company has several works in progress but flagships like FS Vega, Diorama, Z Square and The Atrium are fine examples of delicacy. Rangs Properties Ltd. has attended the REHAB Winter Fair, 2019 at Bangabandhu International Conference center where they launched a project, ‘Rangs Torukabbo’ offering amazing deals and packages of high end luxurious commercial and residential projects. Bay Developments Ltd. adapts to change in taste and unlike other companies focusing on ‘more’, Bay Developments Ltd. concentrates on ‘less’ to bring out the beauty in simplicity.

Assurance Developments Ltd.

Assurance Developments Ltd. was commenced by Mr. Gaus Uddin Khan in 2003 with a vision to cater to commercial and residential accommodation needs of the citizens. It is a sister concern of Assurance Moni Group. The company was fast in creating its image among the top real estate companies in Bangladesh by means of a mixture of excellence in quality, superior customer service and ethical business practices. Serving clients with utmost devotion and sincerity, Assurance Developments Ltd. concentrates on bringing them premier standard of construction within the shortest possible time. The enterprise is working on spectacular constructions like Asian Tower, Abedins Dream, Barokot, Badhon, Banani Kunja and La Mandarin. Assurance Developments Ltd. is among the registered members of REHAB. Assurance Developments thrive to turn clients’ dream into reality in the lowest time period despite retaining maximum architectural elegance and excellent quality in construction. 

Top Real Estate Bd - Assurance Developments Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Assurance Developments Ltd. – Assurance Cymbidium; Gulshan 1, Dhaka
Top Real Estate Bd - Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd. – Sheltech Valour; Uttara, Dhaka

Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd.

Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1988 and has since grown its way in the Housing and Real Estate industry of Bangladesh. Initially operating as just a developer company, Sheltech expanded business over 32 years to complementary ventures like Construction and Consultancy. As of now, Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd. has handed over more than 160 projects. Moreover, it has plenty of ongoing apartments all around town such as Sheltech Nurjahan, Sheltech Rebeca and Sheltech Renu-Kabir Tower. Sheltech has been a member of REHAB for quite some time now. The company engages itself in corporate social responsibilities like honoring eminent personalities by hosting the Sheltech Awards for their lifetime dedication to social causes. It also donates to social and cultural events of schools, colleges and universities and sponsors educational programs such as Campus Hero and art competitions. Sheltech also plays its part in environmental cleanup programs like the Beautification and Green Movement Program and Green Channel Initiative.

Navana Real Estate Ltd.

Navana Real Estate Ltd. (NREL) has served this nation for almost a decade and a half now. NREL is a concern of Naavana Group and was formed back in 1996. It has since then operated with intelligence, innovation and indomitable industrious approach. The company tagline is to persue three core values, ‘Different, Dependable and Definitive’. NREL spreads their focus over both Dhaka as well as Chittagong and has more than a hundred units under construction for residential and commercial usage. Many of these projects such as Navana Concerto, Navana Khodeza Pinewood, Centroid by Navana and The Stand by Navana are real delights to the eyes. The company has received awards for Brand Excellence in Real Estate Sector, Brand Excellence in Construction & Real Estate Sector and Accolade at the Golden Globe Tigers Summit Awards for Brand Excellence in Retail & Real Estate Sector. Navanna Real Estate is also a member of REHAB.

Top Real Estate Bd - Navana Real Estate Ltd. - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Navana Real Estate Ltd. – Navana Belgravia; Gulshan, Dhaka

The top real estate companies of Bangladesh serving premium clients include but are not limited to all the titles mentioned above. As we witness Bangladesh developing day by day and shift its lands towards urbanization, we are bound to acknowledge the great role played by its Real Estate sector. With advancements in technology, the country has reached its destination of claiming the title ‘Digital Bangladesh’ but the journey will not stop here. We look forward to becoming one of the most developed nations and one can only dream of a future where the nation is considered as a benchmark by the rest of the world for architecture, construction, engineering, standard of living and any other aspect which has been enhanced by the real estate industry.

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