Top 10 Ongoing Commercial Projects

The Real Estate sector in Bangladesh keep on growing day by day. What people couldn’t even dream of in the early 2000s are being established at present. We can now see skyscrapers in commercial areas of the capital while more are under construction. Commercial spaces provide the floor for various businesses all of which contribute towards the development of the nation. However, one cannot simply look forward to any random ongoing commercial project from any real estate company and expect great return on investment. When seeking for reliability, it is wiser to go for flagship projects from well reputed firms to set the floor for the venture of your dreams. Hence, we look at 10 amazing commercial projects that will be available for usage soon. (The following is not a paid promotion and does not fall under any official rankings. The titles mentioned are noteworthy listings in a random order)

  • Pinnacle – Shanta Holdings Ltd.
  • Forum – Shanta Holdings Ltd.
  • RK Square – Rangs Properties
  • Suvastu Rialto Tower – Suvastu Properties Ltd.
  • Trade Intercontinental – InnStar Limited
  • Islam Assure Center – Assure Builders Ltd.
  • Suvastu Muskan Tower – Suvastu Properties Ltd.
  • Ventura Milestone – Ventura Properties
  • The Strand – Navana Real Estate
  • Green Galleria – Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd.
TopRealEstateBd - Shanta Holdings Ltd - Pinnacle
Shanta Holdings Ltd – Pinnacle


Pinnacle is a real estate marvel for Bangladesh. This projected sky scraper stands on Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak of Tejgaon. It is set to be the first 40 storied edifice of Dhaka city. Shanta Holding Ltd. wants to change the city’s skyline and set a benchmark with this flagship. The Pinnacle has been designed by Ar. Ehsan Khan of EK Architects, and is being constructed on a land of 45 kathas. The building is North-South oriented and the road ahead is 80 feet wide. It has 5 basements beneath it and floors areas vary between 4,050 and 14,560sft/ Floor (approx.) depending on the selected unit. The project consists of 7 high speed passenger lifts and one service/fireman’s lift. Pinnacle only uses LED light to be energy efficient. The building will have a fully equipped gym, a café at the ground floor and a restaurant at the rooftop. The Pinnacle will be the first building in Bangladesh to be tested in wind tunnel by RWDI Singapore. The plan also includes fire stairs with fire resistant doors and facilities management services for 10 years provided by Shanta Holdings Ltd. Clients can expect the project to be handed over by 2022.


Shanta Holdings Ltd. is coming up with another industry ecstasy designed by Ar. Ehsan Khan titled Forum. Combining the perfect amount of convoluted design and remarkable construction, Forum will be standing on 187 and 188/B of Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Tejgan, right beside the Pinnacle. The land spreads out over an area of 90 kathas while the structure is North South oriented. The road ahead is 80 feet wide. Forum will consist of 24 commercial levels above the ground floor and 3 basement levels beneath it. There will be a total of 350 parking spaces in the basement levels. Floor spaces of the units vary from approximately 5500 sft to 14950 sft depending on the clients’ preference and needs. Amenities include 8 passenger and 2 service elevators, a Central HVAC system, an Artsy coffee shop, double glazed windows that enables energy efficiency, waterproofing, durability and dust prevention. Features also extend to only using LED bulbs, a Fire Command Room, a Management Office, and drivers waiting rooms with restrooms and a decade of facilities management provided by the company.

TopRealEstateBd - Shanta Holdings Ltd. - Forum
Shanta Holdings Ltd. – Forum
TopRealEstateBd - Rangs Properties - RK Square
Rangs Properties – RK Square

RK Square

RK Square by Rangs Properties is one of the finest projections of Real Estate in Bangladesh. This spectacle is being constructed in Gulshan on a land area of 18.94 kathas. The project has been designed by Vistaara & INSPACE JV and is expected to be handed over in 2022. It consists of 5 basements and a ground floor with 25 commercial floors above that. There are 48 units consuming an area of around 4000 sft each. RK Square will be featuring a business center, gym, sauna, infinity pool, food court, automated parking, sky deck on multiple floors and separate entrance and exit points. Clients can enjoy the view of the two lakes behind the building. The architecture uses double glazed glass windows and VRF air conditioning throughout the perimeter. The project has been certified under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a widely recognized green building rating system. Furthermore, the plan includes a rain harvesting process to recycle and reuse. The design was executed in a manner so that one side of the floor consists of glass walls.

Suvastu Rialto Tower

The current star of Suvastu Properties Ltd., standing out from the crowd, Suvastu Rialto Tower can be stated as the perfect definition of fine architecture. The project is in Plot 149 (Old) or 53/1 (New), Road 4/A, Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It is situated on the front end of the boulevard and faces the main road. The building also gets an amusing view of Dhanmondi lake flowing behind. The land area spreads to 10 kathas and the building rises to 14 stories. Each floor consists of two units, adding up to 28 units in total. Individual units cover a floor space of approximately 2017 sft but clients have the option to purchase simultaneous units and hence enjoy floors of 4034 sft. There are 4 basements beneath the ground floor, 3 of which shelter a sum of 36 parking spaces. Users of the office spaces will have the choice of enjoying visits to cafes and restaurants in multiple floors of the building. Furthermore, Suvastu Rialto Tower has a separate fire lift along with a firefighting system.

TopRealEstateBd - Suvastu Properties Ltd- Suvastu Rialto Tower
Suvastu Properties Ltd – Suvastu Rialto Tower
TopRealEstateBd - InnStar Limited - Trade Intercontinental
InnStar Limited – Trade Intercontinental

Trade Intercontinental

Trade Intercontinental is InnStar Limited’s tallest project since their establishment. The building stands on the grounds of 213/A of Tejgaon Industrial Area in Dhaka. It consists of 32 commercial floors above a ground floor and below which lies 5 levels of basement with parking options. The land covers an area of 30 kathas. Trade Intercontinental has been designed by Architect Mohammad Foyez Ullah. The company projects this site to be handed over by June 2023. InnStar Limited considers this flagship project as a modern-day sculpture. The construction process is designed to decrease carbon footprint and rises with an ecofriendly architecture. It shelters one quarter of the total land area as green space and another quarter as open space. Trade Intercontinental will has a rooftop swimming pool, restaurants, and office spaces. Each floor will provide an area of 11000 sft while each of the basement levels will provide 6 private car parking space.

Islam Assure Center

Islam Assure Center can be stated as ‘The Next Big Thing’ by Assure Builders Ltd. This gem of a structure is being constructed on grounds of Plot 91 of Mohakhali Commercial Area in Dhaka. The land spreads around an area of 9.11 kathas and faces a South, East and North corner due to the 3-sided road upfront. The tower will have 3 basements underground and 20 commercial levels in addition to the ground floor. The standard floor area rests at 4244 sft but slightly varies for the second floor (4889 sft), first floor (4119 sft) and the ground floor (1897 sft). It features an elegant green roof terrace with a fine view of the city, a computerized building management system, two pressurized fire stairs that consist of 2-hour fire resistant doors, 12 feet distance between floor to ceiling and a well decorated reception lobby. Furthermore, Assure Builders Ltd. will be providing Facilities Management services for 10 years.

TopRealEstateBd - Assure Builders Ltd - Islam Assure Center
Assure Builders Ltd – Islam Assure Center
TopRealEstateBd - SuvastuPropertiesLtd - SuvastuMuskanTower
Suvastu Properties Ltd – Suvastu Muskan Tower

Suvastu Muskan Tower

Standing on Plot 56 of Gulshan South Commercial Area in Gulshan Model Town, Suvastu Muskan Tower is in queue to be handed over as the next commercial project of Suvastu Properties Ltd. This remarkable land covers an area of 9.47 kathas. The glorious delight of architecture will be launching towards the end of 2021. Suvastu Muskan Tower has been designed by VOLUMEZERO Ltd. The tower is situated in a prime location of the capital, right at the corner of Gulshan 1 circle which enables effortless access from different parts of the city and entitles it to be easily located. The project is a 23 storied building offering one unit on each floor that cover a floor area of approximately 1300 sft. Beneath the building lies 5 levels of basement floors and provides a grand total of 40 parking spaces. The project also consists of a state-of-the-art firefighting system along with fire detection as safety of all parties is a priority for Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Ventura Milestone

Ventura Properties is coming up with its flagship commercial project, Ventura Milestone. As the title suggests, it will be a new high for the company with all its packed features and amenities. The project is situated in House 219/C, Tejgaon Link Road, Tejgaon. Ventura Milestone will be a 16 storied majestic building with a single unit on each floor, covering a floor space of 6000 sft per unit. It has been estimated to be handed over in June 2022. One of the key benefits of the project is its location which is a Strategic Networked Point. It stands out from the other buildings in the area due to its opulent architecture. The office spaces are guaranteed to be of international standard. Ventura Milestone also provides an abundant quantity of parking spaces. For fire emergencies, Ventura Properties Ltd. is providing fire safety precautions and a distinct protection system.

TopRealEstateBd - Ventura Properties - Ventura Milestone
Ventura Properties – Ventura Milestone
TopRealEstateBd - Navana Real Estate - The Strand
Navana Real Estate – The Strand

The Strand

The Strand by Navana Real Estate has the company’s spotlight on it as it comes nearer to completion. This 14-storied splendor is being built on Plot 179 of Road 84 in North Gulshan Avenue. The area possesses a very quiet and calm environment with minimal congestion.  The units come in 2 variants of floor space, them being 3128 Sft and 5860 Sft. The road passing ahead of the project is 80 feet wide. The construction stands on 3 levels of basement below the ground floor, consisting of a combined sum of 46 parking spaces. In case of emergencies, the Strand has a separate fire stair for evacuation and updated firefighting measures with proper fire detectors. The building will be monitored by a 24-Hour Security Surveillance System to ensure safety of every individual within and around the boundaries of the premises. Additionally, the Strand will also have a World Prominent Brand Generator as a fully loaded power contingency plan.

Green Galleria

Green Galleria is a modern-day example of how impressive a commercial building can be. The resplendent project is being constructed by Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd. in Road 12 (New) Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Green Galleria is South East Corner facing and comes in 12 stories above 3 levels of basement and a ground floor. The units come in varieties of floor spaces ranging from 500 sft to 6000 sft. The uniqueness of Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd.’s commercial architecture is that it consists of a 55% of open space and well-ventilated design. People entering the site will be welcomed in a lavish reception lobby. For safety and security measures, the construction includes an earthquake impact prevention design, strict maintenance of BNBC Rules modern firefighting methods and equipment. Additionally, Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd. takes a green approach when building any project and hence clients will be operating in an ecofriendly environment.

TopRealEstateBd - Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd - Green Galleria
Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd – Green Galleria

Commercial projects with high potential are being developed throughout the town. The real estate companies of Bangladesh have grown so much over the last decades and continue to proceed with this growth. We look forward to time where commercial areas of Dhaka city will be the most productive modes of increasing GDP and this improvement will be proudly backed up by the real estate sector and their work of arts delivered as magnificent commercial sites.